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Coca-Cola [PR Campaign]

Resource recycling campaign where used beverage PET bottles are returned

‘Coca-Cola ONETHEPL Campaign’!

Plastic beverage bottles returning in bags?

Coca-Cola is a long-term client of Hahm Shout Doodle with numerous meaningful having been conducted. While in charge of the overall PR for Coca-Cola, Hahm Shout Doodle is currently working on the ‘ONETHEPL Campaign Season 2’ project, which depicts the sustainability efforts of Coca-Cola.

The ONETHEPL campaign contains the double meaning of 'plastic used once more' and 'Wonderful', and is a consumer participation campaign that helps recycling of resources of PET beverage bottles that are thrown away in daily life. In Season 1, which was held in December of last year, the competition rate for participation exceeded an average of 7:1, confirming consumers' keen interest in eco-friendliness. Season 2, which started in July of this year, is operating with a high participation rate of over 12:1 in the first participant recruitment based on solid and strategic pre-communication activities.

The power to change the world through small changes! Try it with the Coca-Cola ONETHEPL Campaign!

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