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CJ Cultural Foundation [PR & DPR]

Communication activities while doing something good! CJ Cultural Foundation's CSR partner, Hahm Shout Doodle

Publicity & Digital PR work of CJ Cultural Foundation, a cultural dream keeper for young creators

Hahm Shout Doodle is promoting the CSR activities of the CJ Cultural Foundation, which has contributed to the expansion of the base of Korea’s cultural industry and the diversity of the K-culture, aiming to be the ‘dream keeper’ for creators.

CJ Cultural Foundation, which marks its 15th anniversary this year, will contribute to advancing K-culture to the world and advancing the future of a cultural content through continuous support for creators and coexistence with the culture and arts ecosystem. As a partner, Hahm Shout Doodle is dedicated to delivering the value of the CJ Cultural Foundation's business vision and philosophy to more people.

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